Secord Neighbourhood Overview


Secord is a neighbourhood located in west Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It covers an area of approximately 2.5 square kilometres.

Secord is bordered to the north by Stony Plain Road (Highway 16A), south by 92 Avenue, east by Winterburn Road (215 Street), and west by 231 Street (Hillview Road / City Boundary).

Planning Overview

The Lewis Farms Area Structure Plan, which was adopted on June 14, 1988, includes the neighbourhoods of Secord, Rosenthal, Breckenridge Green, Potter Greens, Sudder Greens, Webber Greens, Stewart Greens and Lewis Farms Industrial.

The Secord Neighbourhood Structure Plan was adopted by Council on September 10, 2007. Development of the central-eastern portion of the neighbourhood began soon after and has progressed westward and northwards, and then southwards. Development is still underway.

Once complete, the Secord neighbourhood will have a mix of low-density residential (83% of residential area / 63% of population), and medium-density residential (17% of residential area / 37% of population). The neighbourhood is about 50% developed as of 2019.

A commercial site is planned for the northwest corner, and there is an existing commercial area in the northeast corner. A Town Centre (mix of commercial and residential) is planned for the southeast corner of the neighbourhood. Two school sites (one Public (David Thomas King School – constructed in 2017) and one Catholic (future)), and five stormwater management ponds are also planned (4 are constructed).

Why was the Neighborhood named Secord?

The neighbourhood is named in honour of Richard Secord. Richard H. Secord was hired in 1883 as the fourth teacher of the Edmonton public school. He was later approached by John McDougall to accept a position as a clerk. A partnership between McDougall and Secord soon materialized and he became a shrewd fur trader, invested in real estate, and eventually took up private banking. He also possessed a keen political mind and was elected to the Northwest Territories Legislature in 1902.

For more information about our neighbourhood, visit the City of Edmonton website at: City of Edmonton – Secord Neighbourhood

Planning / Development

Secord Neighbourhood Structure Plan

below image accurate as of January 2019 (Bylaw 18665)

Secord Neighbourhood Structure Plan (link to City website)

Lewis Farms Area Structure Plan

below image accurate as of September 2018 (Bylaw 18162)

Lewis Farms Area Structure Plan (link to City website)

Demographics – Census

Population (from census)

  • 2019: 5506
  • 2016: 3171
  • 2014: 2137
  • 2012: 914
  • 2011: 645
  • 2009: 288
  • 2008: 130

The fully-developed population of Secord is estimated at 13,549, according to Neighbourhood Structure Plan (Bylaw 17886).

The fully-developed population within the Lewis Farms Area Structure Plan is 41,357 (Bylaw 18046).

Households (2019 census):

  • Total: 1826

For more information about the most recent census: 2019 Municipal Census Results

Neighbourhood Map

Elected Representatives

City of Edmonton



Garbage Collection

The way Edmontonians sort and manage waste at home is changing.

  • Residents will receive a large (240L) garbage cart, but a small (120L) one is available by request.
  • Secord residents will receive their new carts between June 28 and August 30.
  • Cart collection service starts the week of August 31.
  • For more details or to sign up for notifications, visit City of Edmonton Waste Collection website.