Snow Bank Rink is Open

The Secord snowbank rink is ready for use (located beside the ball diamonds on 218st, 97Ave). Thanks to those that assisted with snow clearing last year. If there is a big snowfall, we will be looking for assistance clearing the ice again this year. Please just show up with your shovel or if you would like to be added to the snow clearing contact list, please email Shaun Boyle. Secord Ice Rink Standards of Use: 1. Skate at your own risk. 2. Skaters under the age of six must be supervised by an adult. 3. Pets are not allowed around the rink for sanitary reasons. Pet owners must pick up after their pets. 4. All Skaters respect the ability and needs of all users with regards to the type of activities planned i.e. hockey players must give space for recreational skaters. 5. Helmets must be worn for anyone under the age of 18, while on the ice. 6. Remove nets from ice before leaving. 7. Phone 311 if you witness anyone breaking these standards.