President’s Regular Message – May 16, 2019

Hello Secord Community,

My name is Maxime Belanger and I have the honor to be the Secord Community League President for the next 2 years. I’ve taken the initiative to provide updates to our Facebook Page and our website on a regular basis to provide important updates and information to our community and to all our members. There is so much I would like to share with you today, but I will spread the news and the information over the next few days and weeks. I hope this is something you enjoy, and do not hesitate to comment on my posts or to email or message us.

Today, I would like to introduce our current Board of Directors, voted at the April 2019 Annual General Meeting. They are:

  • President: Maxime Belanger
  • Past President: Candace Smashnuk
  • Vice President: Christie Delano
  • Treasurer: Madison Steele
  • Secretary: Marika Smith
  • Membership Director: Fiona Dwyer
  • Communications Director: Frank Macchione
  • Social/Events Director: Erin Stewart
  • Director at Large: Julian Stampp-Anderson
  • Director at Large: Tiffany Gierent
  • Director at Large: Connie Ohl


I would like to point out that all our Directors are Secord residents and we are all volunteers with different backgrounds. Some of us have been on the Board for many years, and a few of us have just joined the Board at the April AGM. I appreciate the time our team volunteers to make this neighbourhood a better place for all to enjoy. Although all our Board positions are taken, please contact us if you are interested in joining the league as a committee member, a coordinator, or simple to help us with volunteering work.

The second topic I would like to announce today is our Community Block Party that will take place at the baseball diamond on Saturday, June 1st from 4PM to 7PM. Our Socials Director, Erin, as well as other board members have been working hard on this event. Information will be shared to everyone shortly. The entrance fees to this event will be FREE for Secord Community League members, and $5 per person for non-members. Memberships will be on sale for $25 per family at the event, or can also be bought online. Visit our website at for details.

Maxime Belanger

SCL President

May 16, 2019

Meet-and-Greet David Thomas King School ~ June 1, 2017

David Thomas King School will be hosting a meet-and-greet event on June 1 from 6:30-7:30 p.m. at Bessie Nichols School. Come meet the staff, learn more about the school and get answers to any questions you may have. Visit for more information.

Community Wide ~ Secord Garage Sale

Secord Community League is planning a Community-wide garage sale on May 6 and 7, 2017… Yes 2 days this year in response to our feedback after last year. You can choose whether you would like to be involved for one day or both.

If you would like your address included in the official map please email with your address and a general description of your items for sale. i.e. household items, baby clothes, electronics, etc.

We ask that you spread the word and share the event on your Facebook page . We will advertise through our community sign, sandwich boards, flyers, social media, kijiji, our website and notify other nearby communities. Thank you for helping us spread the word!

Further details to come….

Playground Committee Help

Secord Playground Committee needs your help!

As part of the community league, the playground committee is partnering with David Thomas King school, area residents and key stakeholders on developing a new playground near the new school. Playgrounds are not a requirement for new school construction, which means the responsibility lies with the community league and area residents. The Committee is working on building a playground so the students and the kids in Secord can have a place where they can laugh and play outside!

How can you help?

1. We are looking for more volunteers to be part of our committee! We would like participation from individuals representing a variety of backgrounds, such as:
• Seniors
• Young adults (ages 20-30)
• School rep
• Business rep
• Youth

2. We need to raise a lot of money! If you work at or know of any organization that will match an employee’s donation, please consider giving to the Secord playground. If you know of a business that can donate, sponsor, or provide items for a silent auction, please let us know!

If you are interested in being part of the committee or could help fundraise, please contact Melody Wilson (