Neighbourhood Crime

On December 4, 2013 there was a break and enter to a home in Secord. Electronics, a TV and sound system were stolen. The burglars also found the owner’s keys and stole a GPS from the car. To keep our community safe, we all need to all be on alert. If you observe ANY suspicious activity at all, please report it at 780.423.4567. Our community Constable has also suggested we report any observations of the following:

  • People that don’t fit the area (dirty looking, unkept look, young persons wearing trendy clothing that is very dirty)
  • People not dressed for weather
  • People coming and going all times of day from a certain residence
  • Lots of foot traffic to a particular residence
  • Lots of vehicle traffic to a particular residence
  • People staying for short duration of time at these residences (staying only minutes)
  • Resident active all times of night
  • Several vehicles at the location but no one ever seen leaving

View the Edmonton Police Service Crime Map for details of criminal activity in our neighborhood: Let’s keep our community safe!