Local Roads

Interesting facts about our roads

  • In 2006, as construction was initiated around the Secord Pond (wetland), 215 Street was still a 2-lane rural gravel road. Access from 215 Street to the new homes was via a temporary access just north of the homes on 94b Avenue connecting to 217 Street.
  • 215 Street:
    • Prior to 2014, 215 Street was a rural 2-lane gravel road.
    • In 2008, 215 Street was upgraded from Stony Plain Road to the intersection with Secord Boulevard. The road was a 2-lanes asphalt road, with 4-lanes near Stony Plain Road.
    • Around 2010, 215 Street was upgraded to a 2-lanes asphalt road from the intersection with Secord Boulevard to Webber Green Drive.
    • In 2012-2013, 215 Street was upgraded to a 2-lane asphalt road from the intersection of Webber Greens Drive to Whitemud Drive Winterburn Road.
  • Secord Boulevard:
    • 2008 – The first section of Secord Boulevard from 215 Street to 217 Street was constructed.
    • 2009 – Extended to Secord Drive.
    • 2012 – Extended slightly past (west) of Secord Drive.
    • 2014 – Extended to 224 Street.
    • 2014 – Secord Boulevard from Secord Promenade to 96 Avenue was constructed. However it was not connected to the rest of Secord Boulevard. Access to this part of Secord Boulevard was via Secord Promenade.
    • 2016 – Extended to 97 Avenue.
    • 2017 – Extension of Secord Boulevard past 97 Avenue and connecting to the existing section of Secord Boulevard near Secord Drive.

2006 – Access to 215 Street was via a temporary access road north of 94b Avenue.

97 Avenue from Secord Boulevard to 231 Street, via David Thomas King School

Last Updated: September 1, 2017.


  • 97 Avenue was constructed from Secord Boulevard to just past David Thomas King School.
  • At this time, the road will not connect to 231 Street until 231 Street has been upgraded. This is planned for 2018. Until then, a turnaround was constructed just northwest of the school.
  • This road provides access to David Thomas King School.
  • Walton (developer for Henley Heights at Secord) is responsible for the construction of this road. The construction is managed by Walton, under the City monitor’s approval.

Secord Road Connection to 231 Street

Last Updated: November 16, 2017.


  • The Secord Road connection to 231 Street is reopened temporarily, but 231 Street was not yet upgraded. Work is planned for 2018. See below for planned 231 Street roadwork.

Arterial Roads surrounding Secord

General Roadway Widening

Message from Councillor Andrew Knack (August 4, 2017)

Our current Capital Budget runs until the end of 2018. Between now and late 2018, our Administration is working on prioritizing a list of over 150 locations city-wide that need to be widened. I am hopeful that if the Lewis Farms rec centre/library is approved for construction in the next Capital Budget (2019-2022), it will require widening a number of the roads (Winterburn Road, Webber Greens Drive, that stretch of Whitemud Drive just before the lights at 215th Street) to ensure people can access what will be one of the largest rec centres in the city. As is the case for the rec centre, the decision to fund road widenings of the roads above will be up to the next Council when they debate the 2019-22 Capital Budget in late 2018.

Stony Plain Road Eastbound ramp (100 Avenue) connecting with Winterburn Road (215 Street)

Last Updated: August 13, 2017. Thank you Andrew Knack for the update.


Questions asked by Secord Community League:

Any lights planned for Stony Plain Road Eastbound ramp connecting with 215 Street?

Response from Councillor Andrew Knack on August 4, 2017:

This segment is considered as rural road and there is no development agreement at this point of time. As the nearby area is constructed, developer may take steps get into agreement with the City to urbanize the road that will include lighting. Also we have no plans for adding lighting in the next year or so. This based on current traffic statistics, but we will keep eye on the location if things start changing.

Winterburn Road

Last Updated: July 8, 2017


  • No plans for upgrades to Winterburn Road in current Capital Budget Cycle.
  • Councillor Knack mentioned it won’t be until the next budget cycle which starts in 2019.

92 Avenue, from Winterburn Road (215 Street) to 231 Street

Last Updated: June 27, 2018


  • The extent of this project is to construct the ultimate roadway from 215 Street to 231 Street including roundabouts at each intersection.
  • 92 Avenue from 215 Street to Secord Boulevard / 225 Street was opened in June 2018 and provides a second access to Secord. It does not yet provide access to Rosenthal.
  • 92 Avenue does not connect to 231 Street yet. Construction of the portion of 92 Avenue that connects to 231 Street is anticipated in 2020.

Developer: MLC Group

Consultant: Al-Terra Engineering Ltd.

Project Type: Developer Arterial Project

Additional Information:

92 Avenue (Edmonton) Arterial Roundabouts Collaborative Concept Development (2015)

231 Street, from Stony Plain Road to south of 97 Avenue

Last Updated: November 17, 2017.


  • In order to provide safe access to 231 Street and onto Stony Plain Road (and vice versa), upgrades to 231 Street, including turn bays and appropriate sight lines, are required. Upgrades are also required at the intersection of 231 Street and Stony Plain Road to adequately and safely address additional traffic to/from Secord.
  • The extent of this road construction is to construct the first 2 lanes of 231 Street from Stony Plain Road to the Secord neighbourhood collector road to accommodate growth and increased traffic flows from future subdivision developments.
  • The approved design at the 231 Street intersection with Stony Plain Road eliminates the northbound to westbound and southbound to eastbound left turn movements. It will also remove the north and south movement across Stony Plain Road.
  • The construction of 231 Street and the intersection modifications at Stony Plain Road will require a full closure of 231 Street to facilitate removal of the old road and construction of new underground utilities. This construction closure would be in place for the construction season of spring to fall of 2018.

Message from Andrew Knack on November 8, 2017 (SCL Facebook Page):

“I had previously provided an update from the city saying that they wanted to have another access onto 231st Street opened by October 15th. Obviously that hasn’t happened so I wanted to share the latest information I just received from the city.
While some work was started, the city was awaiting approval from the Province to address the work that needed to occur to allow safe access onto Highway 16A/Stony Plain Road. That approval was needed during the campaign so I wasn’t made aware until afterwards which meant that by the time I could connect with the necessary people, it was too late to finish the necessary work. Therefore where we are at today is that the work is required to completed next year and the work should start as soon as the snow is gone. Unlike previous years, the city has a back up plan if the company who is to complete the road work does not do it. There is funding in the form a security that the city has that will allow us to do any or all of the work in 2018 if something goes wrong with the company who is required to do the work. This was not previously in place and so having that security will allow us to be certain that the additional access will be completed.”

Developer: Walton International Group

Consultant: Stantec Consulting Ltd.

Project Type: Developer Arterial Project

231 Street, from Secord Gate to south of 97 Avenue

Last Updated: July 8, 2017


  • The extent of this road construction is to construct the first 2 lanes of 231 Street from Secord Gate to south of 97 Avenue to accommodate growth and increased traffic flows from future subdivision developments.
  • The City website indicates that detailed design is approved for construction and construction is anticipated to start in 2018.

Developer: Hopewell Development

Consultant: Stantec Consulting Ltd.

Project Type: Developer Arterial Project

Other Major Road Upgrades Affecting Secord

215 Street Planning Study (Stony Plain Road to Yellowhead Trail)

Last Updated: July 8, 2017


  • The City of Edmonton is developing a concept plan for the future of 215 Street from Stony Plain Road to Yellowhead Trail. The project is separated into two phases.
  • Phase 1 will plan for a widening of 215 Street from the existing 2-lane rural to a 4-lane urban roadway from Stony Plain Road to Yellowhead Trail.
  • Phase 2 includes a 215 Street/ CN Rail grade separation (overpass or underpass) concept plan for the rail crossing between 109 Avenue and 113 Avenue.
  • The project is currently at the concept phase, meaning that construction is still years away.

Whitemud Drive West Planning Update Study

See www.edmonton.ca/whitemudwest for details. The following is a brief summary.

Last Updated: July 8, 2017


Province of Alberta: The Province of Alberta has completed a functional planning study and is currently in the process of completing the detailed design for the realignment and upgrading of Highway 628 (Whitemud Drive) from the West City Limit (231 Street) westward to Highway 60. The timeline for implementation is unknown.

City of Edmonton: The updated concept plan (2015 update) for Whitemud Drive between Anthony Henday Drive and 231 Street has been approved (see figure below). This is a long term concept plan, and will be staged for implementation as needed over the next 30 years (2015-2045). At this time, there is no funding for this work. The timeline for implementation is unknown. The project is planned to be constructed in stages.


  • Over 3 km of ultimate freeway alignment.
  • 3 future grade separations, including Guardian Road/Lewis Estates Boulevard (fly-over), Winterburn Road (215 Street), and Hillview Road (231 Street).
  • Connection to ultimate Highway 628 configuration west of the City.
  • Connection to ultimate Anthony Henday Drive/Whitemud Drive interchange.

Anthony Henday Drive

Last Updated: August 13, 2017.


Questions asked by Secord Community League:

Anthony Henday Drive is often backed up in the west end going southbound during afternoon rush hour. Are there talks with the Province to improve the capacity of the southwest leg of the Henday? This affects us in Secord because several vehicles go around the very congested Henday using 215 Street (from Yellowhead Trail and from Stony Plain Road). As a result, 215 Street is completely backed up from Stony Plain Road (with lots of cars backed up on the off-ramp of Stony Plain Road at the light at the intersection of Stony Plain Road and 215 Street). This makes it a nightmare for Secord residents to get in the neighbourhood, because this is the only way we can get in! I am also sure the Henday issues is a nightmare for everyone living west of the Henday.

Response from Councillor Andrew Knack on August 4, 2017: 

The Province is aware of the congestion on Anthony Henday Drive along the southwest leg. They do not currently have any plans or funding for widening or improvements at this time. The City continues to highlight this issue with them at regular meetings.


Valley Line West

Last Updated: January 11, 2020

Visit the City of Edmonton LRT Valley Line West website for the most up-to-date information, including public engagement.


  • Currently at the procurement phase, the Valley Line West LRT is the second stage of the Valley Line, an urban-style 27 km line that will operate between Mill Woods in southeast Edmonton and Lewis Farms in west Edmonton.
  • The Valley Line is a new, urban-style LRT line that is very different from the existing Metro Line and Capital Line.
  • It uses low-floor cars that can be boarded from platforms that are close to sidewalk height, like a bus stop.
  • It runs alongside traffic and is controlled by regular traffic signals, like the cars on the road.
  • With frequent stops, LRT access will be within walking distance for thousands more people.
  • It is designed to fit into surrounding communities without creating visual or physical barrier.
  • The closest station to Secord will be the existing Lewis Farms Transit Facility, the last stop of the LRT.

Scheduling (estimated):

  • The City announced they are relaunching their procurement process in January 2020, after some shortlisted teams withdrew from the competitive process.
  • The successful bidder will be selected by December 2020 and construction on the project is expected to be completed by 2027.

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