For information, visit: https://www.edmonton.ca/projects_plans/parks_recreation/lewis-farms-community-recreation-facility.aspx

The final design of the facility (2019) can be downloaded here: Lewis Farms Design Development Images

Visit http://www.andrewknack.com/lewis-farms-recreation-centre-and-library-update/ for updates from our Ward 1 City Councilor.


The following work has been completed prior to this phase:

  • Functional program study that presents the functional and spatial requirements for design and construction
  • Business case that presents the capital and operating impacts for the facility
  • Submission for project funding into the City’s 2015-2018 capital budget

In December 2014, City Council approved funding for the schematic design of the Lewis Farms Community Recreation Centre and the Lewis Farms Library.

Schematic Design

Public Engagement:

The City of Edmonton began public and stakeholder engagement in April 2015 to build on the work completed earlier and identify emerging needs to be included in design. The City created a public engagement plan that outlined who we would engage with and how. It also ensured a balance and range of public perspectives would be provided for consideration in the decision-making process.

Sharing Ideas

  • This was your first opportunity to get involved and tell us what activities you would like to do in the Lewis Farms recreation centre, public library and district park.

Exploring Options

  • Your second opportunity to get involved. We took all your feedback from the Sharing Ideas event and online surveys to create concept design options. You had the opportunity to review these options that created the draft schematic design.

Setting the Direction

  • Your third opportunity to get involved. We presented the draft schematic design to get your final input to create the schematic design.

In spring 2017, based on public input, the schematic design, the details and cost of the Lewis Farms Facility and Park was shared with City Council for direction.

In May 2017, City Council approved funding for the complete design of the Lewis Farms Facility and Park.

Detailed Design

Public Engagement:

The City initiated a new public engagement phase that continued to build on the earlier engagement. It ensured that a balance and range of public perspectives was considered in the decision process.

Detailing the Design

  • Your fourth opportunity to get involved. Draft detailed designs were presented to get your input. We used your feedback to inform the final detailed design.

Finalizing the Design Public Information Session

  • The City shared the final design which resulted from feedback over the past 4 engagement sessions.

This was completed in 2018.


This stage will begin if funding for construction is approved.

Future Steps:

Construction is dependent on funding.