Adaptabilities – Providing Respite to Families in Need

AdaptAbilities is a registered charity strengthening families and creating hope by providing respite to families with children and adults with special needs in a fun, caring and goal-oriented environment.

Leader in strengthening the family unit while supporting their children with special needs to grow, succeed and belong.

Respite gives families time for self care and supports them to cope with the challenges of caring for a child with a disability.
There are not enough respite options for families in the Edmonton and surrounding regions. Prevention of caregiver burnout is key. Respite prevents families from going into crisis, keeps kids safe and out of government care.

AdaptAbilities has helped over 1500 families in the last 10 years and are excited about expanding their current services to meet the current demands. They have a creative solution to bring services into a families’ community and require multiple locations throughout the City of Edmonton to meet those respite needs. If a respite service in your community would benefit your family, please contact Michelle Hordal, Founder and Executive Director as they are interested in hearing from you.

Contact Information for Michelle Hordal,
Founder and Executive Director
Ph: (780) 431-8446
Fax: (780) 634-5518