Thank you to all the Secord Residents that came out tonite to discuss how to SUPPORT OUR STUDENTS (S.O.S) and keep our kids at Winterburn! So great to see the community coming together! If you couldn’t come tonite we need your support in many ways. This is a busy time for everyone and TIME IS CRITICAL FOR ACTION. We are circulating a petition to all residents by the end of week and to cover all houses, we need your help. Even if you only have time for 10-15 house this will help us tremendously. Please comment here if you are able to help or send a private message on facebook. Other ways to get involved:

1) Allison Redford is in the studio of 6:30 Ched tomorrow at 3pm – chatting with J’Lyn Nye and Mark – call in to let her know what’s happening in Secord and why more school funding is needed

2)Tuesday, December 17th 6-7pm : There is a School Counsel meeting at the Winterburn School Library discussing removing Secord from the catchment area.

3)Tuesday, January 7th 6-8pm: Edmonton Public School Board Consultation Session ** we need as many possible to attend

4)Take the survey (multiple times and every in the household) 5) Get involved & help us all stand together strong as a community.

In the next couple days, we will be posting information on what was talked about at the meeting and an alternative proposal to the 3 options listed by Edmonton Public School Board. Follow our Facebook page and website in the next week for updates. We all need to be on board with this.