Are you participating in Secord Neighbourhood Watch?

Have you noticed the orange signs posted throughout our community? The Secord Community League strongly supports Edmonton Neighbourhood Watch and we encourage all residents to participate in this worthwhile crime prevention program. If you aren’t participating in Neighbourhood Watch yet, please join us today! And encourage your neighbours to do the same.

For more information about the Edmonton Neighbourhood Watch program and practical tips, visit Neighbourhood Watch.  Do you know your neighbour? Please watch

Neighbourhood Watch is simply about being a good neighbour and caring about our community. By acting together with dozens of eyes and ears alert for anything unusual happening in Glastonbury Community, Lewis Estates Community and the Rosenthal Community, together we can deter crime. Everyone who joins Neighbourhood Watch plays an important part in making our community a safer, more friendly and pleasant place in which to live.

Neighbourhood Watch means no one is alone. Your neighbours will look out for you, your family, your home and your street, and you do the same for them. When you join Neighbourhood Watch, you’ll be doing your part to make your home, yard, street and community a safer place.

Take the pledge and get a sticker for your household.

Through the Edmonton Neighbourhood Watch’s new door sticker program, if you pledge to participate in Neighbourhood Watch you’ll receive a reflective decal for your home. Get your sticker at our AGM, monthly Board meetings or contact to arrange to pick up a sticker.