The Secord Community League has assumed responsibility for leading the effort to build a new playground in our amazing community; and the Secord Community League Playground Committee has been working hard getting the playground project off the ground. The new playground was constructed just south of the David Thomas King School, west of Secord Boulevard.

Concept Plans

The plan shown below was our original concept with the City of Edmonton (north is up). The David Thomas King School is to the north and Secord Boulevard is to the east.


  • Playground (west)
  • Concrete plaza in the middle


  • Pump track (bike track) to the southeast


  • Basketball court to the northeast

How Can You Help?

The Playground Committee would like to thank everyone who has helped along the way so far! Although Phase 1 and 2 of the playground at David Thomas King School is under construction, we still need your help to fundraise money for the future phases, and for future playgrounds in the community!

Fundraising / Donations

We need your support in fundraising to build a new playground for our children. Download the  Secord Playground Fundraising Form here.

If you work at or know of any organization that will match an employee’s donation, please consider giving to the Secord playground.

If you know of a business that can donate, sponsor, or provide items for a silent auction, please let us know!

Donations over $20 are tax deductible, with receipts provided by the City of Edmonton.

Corporate Sponsor

Should you wish to become a corporate sponsor, please download the Corporate Sponsorship Package or contact Christie Delano or Pam Thivierge.

What you get for sponsoring:

  • Write-off your contribution 100% as a marketing expense. In comparison, a charitable tax receipt for a donation is only deductible at 50%.
  • Can receive recognition through various channels including on site recognition on a plaque, social media, website(s) and at various community events providing marketing and brand awareness.
  • The satisfaction of knowing you’re contributing to the health, happiness and well-being of our children.


We are looking for more volunteers to be part of our committee or assist us on an as-required basis (e.g. door-to-door delivery). We would like participation from individuals representing a variety of backgrounds.

If you are interested in being part of the playground committee, help volunteer, or can help fundraise, please contact Christie Delano or Pam Thivierge.

Contact Information

Christie Delano
Playground Committee Chair
E: christie.delano@gmail.com
P: 780-218-1395

Pam Thivierge
Playground Fundraising Lead
E: 1977.pjl@gmail.com
P: 403-615-9797

Additional Information

Building a Playground is Complex

The process for building a playground is driven by the specific needs of our community. This grassroots effort includes:

  • Assessing our community’s needs
  • Establishing community-level partnerships with the City of Edmonton
  • Applying for grants, casinos, bingos etc.
  • Site design and development
  • Selection of playground equipment and materials
  • Safety consultation and review
  • Construction and ongoing maintenance

A playground Benefits Everyone

  • It is vital for our children’s cognitive, emotional and physical development.
  • It serves as a social hub for our kids and parents.
  • It increases the appeal and property value of our homes.
  • Above all, it fosters and strengthens our sense of community.


Corporate Sponsors

We gratefully acknowledge the following corporate sponsors (alphabetically):

  • Birch Fumigators
  • Daytona Homes
  • Everest Group of Companies
  • John Tackaberry Memorial
  • M.A.P. Group of Companies
  • McElhanney Consulting Services
  • MLC Group – Secord Heights & West Secord
  • Rob Smashnuk Team
  • Sterling Homes
  • Yellowhead Storage
  • Zender Ford

Playground Committee

We gratefully acknowledge the hard work and dedication of our Playground Committee:

  • Christie Delano – Playground Chair
  • Tami Dmytruk
  • Pam Thivierge
  • Rebecca Fleetwood
  • Melissa Price
  • Candace Smashnuk
  • Mike Steele
  • Erin Stewart