The Secord Annual General Meeting for 2022 will be held on Saturday, June 11th. This year we are transitioning it to an outdoor event. So bring a lawn chair, download the presentation on your phone or tablet, and come participate in shaping the future of your community!

Interested in becoming part of the Board?  SCL is accepting nominations for the following Board positions (2-year terms, unless otherwise indicated):

  1. President (1-year term)
  2. Vice-President 
  3. Secretary (1-year term)
  4. Treasurer
  5. Director at Large for any of the following areas:
    1. Events
    2. Memberships
    3. Communications
    4. Fundraising (1-year term)
    5. General (1-year term)

To nominate yourself for one of the above roles, complete the Self-Nomination Form and email it to by Wednesday, June 8th.