How to Host a Block Party ~ May 3, 2017

Block parties are one way residents can strengthen their neighbourhoods, by providing fun, semi-structured opportunities to meet people. The Block Party Academy will provide residents with information and a degree of confidence to plan their own party. Residents are invited to learn about resources and ideas for their own successful block party.



Happy New Year! Deck the Homes of Secord Winners

Happy New Years Secord!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Deck the Homes of Secord contest as well as special thanks to our sponsor Melody Wilson of the ReLife Team and our judge Councillor Andrew Knack.

This year’s completion was fierce, however we are excited to announce the winners:
1st Place Award: 1345 Secord Landing (nominated by Ashleigh Knowles)
2nd Place: 22006 94A Avenue Robert Green and Beezer Two-Thousand
(Nominated by Rob Smashnuk)
Peoples Choice Award: 251 Secord Blvd (Nominated by Geneve J Lacson)

If your home have been tagged as a winner please contact Secord Community League as we are hoping to present the prizes on the evening of Saturday January 7th, 2017.
Thank you again to everyone involved!!

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