Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The Secord Community League 2015 Annual General Meeting(AGM) is taking place at Winterburn school library on Monday, May 4, and everyone who lives in our community is welcome and encouraged to join us. We will have guest speakers from the community including: City Councillor Andrew Knack, Representative from Hopewell Residential and Walton, EPS Community Constable, EPSB Trustee: Orville Chubb, ECSB Trustee: Debbie Angel You don’t need a league membership to attend; however, you do need one to have a vote. If you’d like to purchase a membership ($25 per year, per family), they will be available for purchase that evening or you can contact Andrea Kelemen. Please contact Angela Richardson or post a comment here if you have any questions. This event is a great opportunity to get involved with your community and meet your neighbours, and we hope to see lots of people there!