2021-2022 Board of Directors

PositionNameEmailBoard of Director since:
PresidentVACANT (emails redirected to Vice-President and Past-President)president@secordcommunityleague.com
Vice-PresidentMadison Steelevicepresident@secordcommunityleague.comApril 2018
– Director at Large (2018-2019)
– Treasurer (2019-2020)
TreasurerMegan Wytontreasurer@secordcommunityleague.comApril 2020
SecretaryVACANT (emails redirected to Vice-President and Past-President)secretary@secordcommunityleague.com
Director at Large – Memberships DirectorVACANT (emails redirected to Vice-President and Past-President)membership@secordcommunityleague.com
Director at Large – Communications DirectorHeather Haighcommunications@secordcommunityleague.com
April 2020
Director-at-Large – Newsletter DirectorVACANT (emails redirected to Vice-President and Past-President)newsletter@secordcommunityleague.com
Director at Large – Social and Events DirectorDana Torgalsonevents@secordcommunityleague.comApril 2020
Director at Large – Programs DirectorLaura Carter (since April programs@secordcommunityleague.comApril 2021
Director at Large – Fundraising and Advertisement DirectorVACANT (emails redirected to Vice-President and Past-President)fundraising@secordcommunityleague.com
Director at LargePerry Delbridge (since August 2021)delbridgep@secordcommunityleague.comAugust 2021
Past PresidentMaxime Belangerpastpresident@secordcommunityleague.comApril 2017
– Civics Director (2017-2019)
– President (2019-2021)

Contact the SCL President if you would like to become a Director or volunteer.

Playground Committee

Playground Committee ChairChristie Delano (christie.delano@gmail.com)
Committee MembersTami Dmytruk;
Pam Thivierge;
Rebecca Fleetwood;
Melissa Price;
Candace Smashnuk;
Mike Steele;
Erin Stewart

Contact the Playground Committee Chair if you would like to become a Committee Member or Volunteer.

Newsletter Committee

Newsletter Committee ChairVACANT
Other Committee MembersDana Torgalson;
Heather Haigh

Contact the Newsletter Committee Chair if you would like to become a Committee Member or Volunteer.

Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch Community RepresentativeVACANT

Contact the Neighbourhood Watch Community Representative if you would like to become a Neighbourhood Watch Member or Volunteer.

Rink CoordinatorRob Smashnuk
Community Billboard CoordinatorGlyn Eales
Social Activities and Events CommitteeVacant
Volunteer CoordinatorVacant
Gardens and Landscaping CommitteeVacant
Sports CoordinatorVacant
Dogs in Open Spaces CoordinatorVacant

Contact the SCL President if you would like to become a Committee Chair, Member, Volunteer or Coordinator for any of the above positions, or if you would like to create a committee or coordinator position not listed above.

Become a Board Member or Volunteer

Open Positions

Board of Directors

The Secord Community League Board of Directors consists of 11 residents of Secord that are elected each year at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), which typically happens in April. The terms are 2-year in duration.

The last AGM was on: April  12, 2021

If Board of Directors positions are unfilled after the AGM, positions can be assigned/voted by the Board of Directors during one of the monthly meetings. The term will be as motioned by the Board of Directors, to a maximum time that does not exceed the date of the next AGM.


Stay tuned for positions up for election in 2022.

Committees and Coordinators

Committees and Coordinators positions are assigned/voted by the Board of Directors during the AGM or one of the monthly meetings.

Be Involved!

Interested in joining our Secord Community League Board or being added to our volunteer list for a variety of odd jobs (e.g. helping with our many events)? Please contact us at president@secordcommunityleague.com.

We are always looking for enthusiastic people that want to help enrich our community. Even if you only have a few hours to spare, we’d love to hear from you!

We have the following open positions (last updated November 16, 2020):

Board of Directors:

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Newsletter Director
  • Fundraising and Advertisement Director
  • Director at Large

Committees and Coordinator Positions / Volunteers:

  • Neighbourhood Watch Community Representative and Volunteers
  • Social Activities, Programs and Events Committee Members
  • Newsletter Committee Members
  • Fundraising Committee Members
  • Ice Rink Committee Members
  • Gardens and Landscaping Committee Members
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Sports Coordinator
  • Contests Coordinator
  • Civics Coordinator
  • Other Volunteers and Helpers (let us know how you can help us)

Descriptions of Positions

Board of Directors

  • President

    The President manages the affairs of the Boards. He/she provides a leadership role to the Board; is the primary contact and spokesperson of the Society; reviews the bylaws, policies and guidelines; and reviews Board and Committee roles and responsibilities.

  • Past President

    The Past President is the outgoing president. He/she supports the President, assists with the training and orientation of the Board, and provides historical continuity.

  • Vice-President

    The Vice-President assists the President whenever possible and acts in the absence of the President. He/she is also responsible for the annual review of the bylaws, policies, procedures and guideline documents.

  • Secretary

    The Secretary is responsible for the filing and updating of all necessary records of the Society, notifications of meetings to the Directors and members, and recording and distributing meeting minutes.

  • Treasurer

    The Treasurer is responsible for the financial aspects of the Society, including payment of invoices, deposits, monthly bank reconciliation, financial statements, budgeting, and coordination of yearly auditing.

  • Memberships Director

    The Memberships Director prepares, updates and manages memberships to the Society; collects membership fees; develops strategies to promote and increase membership; and orders membership supply.

  • Communications Director

    The Communications Director oversees public communications of the league. The Director updates the website and social media pages, develops communication strategies, messaging and branding, and promotes events, activities and initiatives of the league.

  • Social and Events Director

    The Social and Events Director plans and coordinates social activities and events for the Society. He/she prepares a budget and schedule for the activities and events; organizes and coordinates vendors and volunteer groups; and develops strategies.

  • Civics Director

    The Civics Director monitors civics matters that affect the community and is responsible for Society facilities. He/she relays important civics matter to the community; coordinates submissions to governments; and coordinates the maintenance of facilities.

  • Programs Director

    The Programs Director plans and manages programs and sports for the Community. He/she arranges for programs and sports scheduling, promotion and registration; develops strategies; and is the main point of contact for programs and sports.

  • Fundraising and Advertisement Director

    The Fundraising and Advertisement Director plans and coordinates fundraising and advertisement initiatives of the Society. He/she approaches businesses for donations or members benefits; coordinates advertisement; and oversees fundraising events.

  • Director-at-Large

    The Director at Large does not have specific duties. Although a Director a Large is not required to fulfill one of the listed Director at Large positions, they are strongly encouraged to do so within the first three (3) months after being elected.

Click here for the Board of Directors – Roles and Responsibilities Guidelines which provide a detailed description of the Director’s roles and responsibilities.

Committees and Coordinators

  • Playground Committee

    The Playground Committee plans and fundraises for the construction of new playground within the Community, and associated amenities.

  • Neighbourhood Watch Community Representative / Ambassador

    The Neighbourhood Watch Community Representative / Ambassador is a trained local Neighbourhood Watch “expert”. He/she brings and promotes community-based crime prevention programs and initiatives to the Secord Community.

  • Social Activities and Events Committee

    The Social Activities and Events Committee is a group of volunteers that assist the Social/Events Director with the planning and coordination of activities and events in the Community.

    Committees may be activity-specific or event-specific and would generally consist of volunteer member of the Society or of the Community.

  • Gardens and Landscaping Committee

    The Gardens and Landscaping Committee is a group of volunteers that provide gardening and landscaping awareness to the Community, including green initiatives. They are also responsible for the planning and promotion of a new Community Garden within Secord.

  • Newsletter Coordinator

    The Newsletter Coordinator is an individual that assists the Communications Director with the preparation of Community League newsletters.

  • Volunteer Coordinator

    The Volunteer Coordinator is an individual that supports the Board with the enlisting of volunteers for programs, activities and events.

  • Rink Committee

    The Rink Committee is a group of individuals that install, maintain, remove and store the removable outdoor skating rink.

  • Sports Coordinator

    The Sports Coordinator is an individual that establishes sports programming for the community, including registration and scheduling. The Sports Coordinator may be responsible for one or more sports.

  • Dogs in Open Spaces Coordinator

    The Dogs in Open Spaces Coordinator is an individual that advocates to the City of Edmonton for the creation of an Off-Leash Dog Area in West Edmonton, as well as educating the Community on rules and bylaws associated with dog ownership.

Click here for the Committees and Coordinators – Roles and Responsibilities Guidelines which provide a detailed description of the Committees and Coordinators’ roles and responsibilities.