Board Members

2017/2018 Board of Directors

Candace Smashnuk

Angela Richardson
Past President

Carmen Kristel
Vice President

Candice Simpson

Fiona Smith-Dwyer
Brittany Pechtel
Membership Director

Paul Hicks
Communications Director

Events Director

Maxime Belanger
Civics Director

Shaun Boyle
Director at Large


Alex Miklas
Director at Large

Tami Dmytruk
Director at Large

Melody Wilson
Director at Large

Playground Committee

Christie Delano
Playground Committee Chair

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Volunteer Positions Available
Playground Committee Volunteers

Neighbourhood Watch


Neighbourhood Watch Ambassador/Representative

man no pic
Volunteer Positions Available
Neighbourhood Watch / Walk the Block Volunteers

Descriptions of Board Positions

All positions are for a two year term, except Directors-at-large which are for one year.


  • supervises the affairs of the Board
  • when present, chairs all meetings, the Board and Executive Committee
  • acts as the spokesperson or appoints a designate
  • carries out duties assigned by Board such as signing authority

Vice President

  • presides at meetings in President's absence
  • replaces the President at various functions when asked to do so by the President or the Board
  • is signing authority
  • is responsible for the annual review of the Bylaws, Policies and Procedures
  • carries out other duties assigned by the Board


  • attends and keeps accurate minutes of all General and Board meetings
  • is responsible for minute and meeting notice distributions
  • is responsible for minute book and other records of the league
  • is responsible for the Seal of the league

Membership Director

  • is responsible for the organization, timing and completion of the annual Membership campaign
  • keeps a record of and maintains the membership lists and other records pertaining to membership
  • ensures compliance with the EFCL Code of Ethics with respect to selling memberships

Communications Director

  • is responsible for the publication of the newsletter and participates in collecting information for newsletter
  • is responsible for the maintenance of the League website, Facebook page and twitter account
  • arranges for publicity for league events

Events Director

  • is responsible for all matters pertaining to social events (plan, organize, execute)
  • forms and oversees all event sub-committees

Civics Director

  • coordinating submissions and inquiries to local, provincial and federal government and other agencies.
  • maintaining contact with local politicians and public and separate school boards through meeting with elected officials, as well as with developers of the neighbourhood.
  • monitoring land use, transportation issues, safety issues and other civic concerns.
  • reporting to the board on civics matters relating to the Secord neighbourhood.

Neighbourhood Watch Community Representative

  • liaises with the Edmonton Police Service and other safety and crime prevention organizations
  • is responsible for all matters pertaining to Neighbourhood Watch or safety and security concerns
  • liaison between Edmonton Neighborhood Watch (ENW) and community league; receives information, updates, resources and programs from ENW
  • works with ENW to establish crime prevention programs and strategies in the community

Director at Large

  • holds an introductory Board position with no specific portfolio, but with all the privileges and responsibilities of a Board member.
  • works with and aids other Board members as required.

Become a Board Member or Volunteer

Your Secord Community League Board of Directors is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), which typically happens in April or May.

Interested in joining our Secord Community League Board or being added to our volunteer list for a variety of odd jobs? Please contact us at

We are always looking for enthusiastic people that want to help enrich our community. Even if you only have a few hours to spare, we’d love to hear from you!

We have the following open positions on our board (last updated November 4, 2017):

  • Board of Directors:
    • Communications Director
    • Events Director
  • Other Volunteer Positions
    • Playground Committee Volunteers
    • Neighbourhood Watch - Walk the Block Volunteers
    • Subcommittee Volunteers
    • Community Event Helpers