Why purchase a Community League Membership?

By becoming a member of the Secord Community League, you have demonstrated your commitment to the Secord community, and you are supporting your community and its future.

Dues collected from membership sales provide much needed funds for our community league to accomplish our mandate of bringing community residents together, and improving the community and the quality of life for all residents.

The Secord Community League (SCL) accomplishes this through organizing various recreational,

educational and sport programming, community safety, hosting community events, developing amenities such as parks, playgrounds and community halls, and by being the voice of the community when it comes to civic engagement with the City of Edmonton.

If you would like to get involved with the league, please contact president@secordcommunityleague.com.

Benefits of Joining the Secord Community League (SCL)

Educational Programs, Activities and Recreation Opportunities

Free Swimming

  • Each family member receives 5 passes per year for swimming at selected City facilities.
    • $102 value per Family.
    • $37 value per Adult.
  • See the Swimming Page for further details.

Free Skating

  • Free skating at our Secord community ice rink, and at other outdoor community rinks.
  • Drop-In Learn To Skate Program in Secord.
  • Free Indoor Skating at select City indoor rinks.
  • See the Skating Page for further details.

Benefits/ Privileges / Discounts to Secord Community Events and Other City Events

  • Free Admission to Secord Community League Day (typically held in September).
  • Free Admission to Winter Holiday Party (typically held in December).
  • Participation to Annual Secord Garage Sale (typically held in May).
  • Participation to Big Bin Event (typically held in May).

Eligibility to Participate in Sports Programs

  • Access to community sports teams (e.g. soccer, basketball)
  • See the Soccer Page for further details.

Neighbourhood Watch Program

Discount at the more than 20 City of Edmonton’s Recreation Facilities

  • 20% discount on annual memberships.
    • For one adult, that is a discount of more than $89 per year !
    • For a family, that is a discount of more than $245 per year !
  • 15% discount on multi-admission passes.
  • 20% discount on continuous monthly membership.
  • Click here for more information.

Community League Site Development

  • Some of the money collected from the membership sales go towards the Community League site development, which will include a new playground.
  • See Playground Committee Page for more information.

Community Involvement

  • Receive important updates that affect the Secord community.
  • Show a sense of support for the community and its future.

Local Business Offers

  • Kumon Math and Reading Centre of Lewis Estates: SCL members are entitled to 50% discount on registration fees with Kumon Math and Reading centre of Lewis Estates. This is a $25 value as the regular registration is $50 per child. Members need to quote “Secord” and show their membership card to avail the discount. https://www.kumon.com/ca-en/edmonton-lewis-estates

Other Benefits

  • Various prizes, coupons and perks from local businesses (sponsors).

SCL Funds and Organizes the Following Program, Activities and Infrastructure

  • SCL finances the annual Green Shack Program.
  • SCL finances the portable toilet at the Secord Park Playground (summer only).
  • SCL purchased and maintains the community ice rink.
  • SCL board members and volunteers organise the Secord Community Events.

Visit the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues (EFCL) website, Facebook page or Twitter page for updated sponsor offer to league members.

How can I purchase a membership?

  1. Please contact our membership director at membership@secordcommunityleague.com.
  2. Memberships are available for purchase at our events (cash only).
  3. Alternatively, online purchases can be made at http://www.efcl.org. Payment is by credit card and a small service fee is charged through the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues (EFCL).

Membership Fees for 2018-2019 Period

(September 1, 2018 to August 31, 2019)

  • Family Membership – $25/year
  • Adult Individual Membership – $15/year
  • Senior Membership – $10/year

*Memberships expire annually on August 31st.